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The Chips

It's a tradition here at Art's & Mary's to blow our customers away! That's what we feel has happened. Don't believe us? Try some for yourself. We have listened to our customers and have loaded our signature kettle style chips with over the top flavor. Take a look at our flavors:


FILE: 9-oz-Jalapeno.GIFFILE: 9-oz-Original.JPG











FILE: 9-oz-No-Salt.JPG













FILE: 9-oz-Parmesan-Garlic.JPGFILE: 9-oz-Salt-Vinegar.GIF













FILE: 9-oz-Salt-Pepper.GIFFILE: 9-oz-40-Reduced-Fat.GIF












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The Rubs

That's right! Took the chips right out of the bag and shook the flavor right into a bottle to make an awesome meat rub. Well, not really, but that's what you will think. Not only are our rubs new, but they are versatile. Tell us how you use them, and we will put your recipes on the site. Send your recipes here. Check out our current line up of flavors:

FILE: Jalapeno-Rub.jpg

     Hot N Zesty Jalapeno


FILE: Parmesan-Garlic-Rub.jpg

       Parmesan &  Garlic

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